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Communication Skills Training

Prepare and practise important (virtual) speaking engagements. We help you get ready for a media interview, panel debate, keynote speech or presentation.

Personal Communications Coaching

Learning is personal. With our individual online coaching you work privately with a coach you trust; at a pace you like; and on things that are important to you. Ideal to develop your leadership communication skills, or get ready for a specific engagement. 


Crisis communications

In crisis communication, every detail matters. Be ready to engage media and communities by showing care and control. With our online Stakeholder Dialogue Simulation platform (Stadias), you can also run your own crisis simulation and put your team to the test.


Dimitri Schildmeijer is a senior communications trainer with over 20 years of global experience.

The name AudienceOne underlines his fundamental belief that effective, empathic and engaging communication starts by putting the audience first.

Dimitri’s philosophy is simple: “Communications is a contact sport”. To be a successful communicator, you have to get into the ring and engage. As with any sport, you get great at it with practice and a motivating coach. That is why AudienceOne training programmes are full of positive energy, exercises and tangible feedback.



Get to yes

Pitch your plan and anticipate questions. Make a great first impression. Use your communication skills to get the green light.

Build trust with your team

Excellent communication skills as a leader help you get your team onboard. You will build trust, get the team motivated and inspired, and show them you care.

Be quick to respond in a crisis

When a crisis hits your company, it’s too late to open the crisis manual for the first time. Be ready to quickly respond to a situation, with solid messages and a delivery that shows care and control.

Speak from the heart

Authentic communicators are much more memorable. Get people on board by speaking from the heart, use personal stories, convey care and be an empathetic communicator.


Convince your bosses

A strong presentation will show your bosses you are the right person for the job.

Present a point of view with force

Position your company on an issue and influence the debate. Practise your keynote speech or media interview. Be ready for high-level events when everything has to be perfect.


Dimitri Schildmeijer

Dimitri Schildmeijer is a corporate communications specialist with years of experience helping industry- leading organisations build stronger ties to key stakeholders. Dimitri is a certified coach with an EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA).

Bettina Hausmann

Bettina helps senior professionals step up as strategists, communicators and leaders. She has worked with CEOs, policy makers and other executives from more than 100 countries to help them develop a signature presence, master the media and manage crises.

Marine Champon

Marine Champon is a Senior Consultant and Senior Trainer, and expert in Crisis Communication & Stakeholder Dialogue.


“I am 100% sure that part of my success comes from your guidance and advice.”

IT Director, Multinational organisation, Belgium

“I feel very lucky I had the opportunity to have several sessions.”

CFO, Energy company, USA

“Great learning on how to set structure for interviews”

Regional president, International Electrical Company, France

“The coaching is human oriented; open minded; with a sense of humor; Practical rather than conceptual.”

Program Director, International NGO, Tanzania

“Go for it.”

Director, European Institution, Belgium

“Useful to step change on your communication skills.”

International Energy Company Director, UK

Recent & Current Clients

International banking group headquartered in Belgium

Leading Belgian retail bank
and insurance company

European institutions (EP, Council & Commission)

Energy company operating in Africa

European NGO on health

International food group

International oil, gas and renewables company

International midstream energy company

European investment firm

Dutch municipality

Global association in energy

International power company

International chip maker

Global multinational retail company with 40,000+ employees

International energy company active in 60+ countries

Leading international cloud services provider

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